Why it is cool to be unpopular.

Growing up, I was never ever in the popular crowd. I was a bit of a loner, with a few friends sometimes, but I spent majority of my lunches in the library or the music room. Whatta nerd. But I think this allowed me to look around and watch what was going on. And for that, I thank my loneliness.

1. No pressure. – You can be who you want to be, without any moulds around you that grow you into an identical cut out of everyone else.

2. You get good grades. – Spending all that time in the library was definitely good for my school report.

3. Good friends. – There is no hierarchy, and no pressure to be someone you’re not. These friendships usually last forever too.

4. Humility. – You get to see all the pretense around you and definitely become the opposite.

5. You can get through high school relatively unscathed, and devoid of any social dramas. Phew.


So basically, being uncool allowed me to survive high school. But I don’t care whether I was looked upon as a loser, I’m all the more better for it. I think I’ll always refuse to become someone I’m not whether it’s because of the people I’m friends with, or the clothes I wear. So if you’re reading this, and you’re treading the choppy waters of high school, I think you should tell yourself this. It is definitely cool to be ‘uncool.’


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